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Canadian Paralympic Ad. Pretty Cool.

Canadian (CDN) Paralympics puts together an ad that plays out like a suspense filled, action movie with a dreary musical tone as if the athletes themselves are fighting against the world apocalypse. It's brilliant! 

It seems the entire world knows the 2014 Winter Olympics start this Friday, Feb. 7. But few people know the Paralympic Winter Games come to Sochi the following month, running from March 7 to 16.

The ad embedded atop this post should help change that-Read the article on www.mashable.com

With the Sochi Paralympic Winter Games on the horizon, Canadian sports fans are being treated to a provocative new Paralympic marketing campaign that compels viewers to look past the disabilities of Paralympic athletes -- and instead fathom their complete, elite, world-class abilities. - CDN Paralympics YouTube Channel


“Love Land” An Exciting New Movie Involving Disabled Community In The Works!

LOVE LAND is more than a movie. It's part of a movement! Community inclusion is a complex goal to achieve, but it's worth everything we've got to get there! MAKE THIS MOVIE HAPPEN: www.seedandspark.com/studio/love-land VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.lovelandfilm.com FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @lovelandfilm LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Love-Land-Support-the-Movie-Join-the-Movement/302186483225744

EVERYONE! You must check this out and please help support this endeavor!

Love Land is a narrative dramatic feature film that follows Ivy, a young woman with a severe traumatic brain injury that affects her motor and cognitive skills, as she faces her refusal to be identified as a person with an intellectual disability.  When she is placed in an institution for being a danger to herself and others, Ivy will stop at nothing to prove to the world, and to herself, that she is “normal” enough to transcend the label of “Special.”  Desperately fearing being associated with the “Special Love Land Kids,” Ivy fights bitterly to return to Oscar. But Oscar crushes her by leaving her for a mutual friend!  - Read more of the story line here: http://lovelandfilm.com

We were very excited to have taken part in the promo video because this project is incredible and needs our support! So come on folks, give this a look and SHARE!



See the vimeo promo video and watch the makers talk about this film. JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Harlem Shakin’ At the LA Abilities Expo

Harlem Shake at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo! Incredible time at the LA Convention Center for the Abilities Expo, we had such a blast! THANK YOU to all who came out to dance with us! Organized by Andrew Angulo and Chelsie Hill See more at: www.disabledlifemedia.com

We did what? Yes. yes we did!

LA, We had a blast at the Abilities Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center this past weekend. So many new products and services to see and events and workshops to participate in. If you missed it, check the Abilities Expo website: wwww.abilitiesexpo.com to see if there is a show coming near your area.

It was great seeing and meeting many of you who stopped by to say hello and we look forward to providing our LA Abilities Expo 2013 Highlight video! If you caught us, Katie Estrella from the wheelchair dance crew, Team Hotwheelz, co-hosted the video with me and we are working on editing to provide you with the atmosphere, products, events and shenanigans this year’s expo had to offer! Stay linked in!