“Love Land” An Exciting New Movie Involving Disabled Community In The Works!

LOVE LAND is more than a movie. It's part of a movement! Community inclusion is a complex goal to achieve, but it's worth everything we've got to get there! MAKE THIS MOVIE HAPPEN: www.seedandspark.com/studio/love-land VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.lovelandfilm.com FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @lovelandfilm LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Love-Land-Support-the-Movie-Join-the-Movement/302186483225744

EVERYONE! You must check this out and please help support this endeavor!

Love Land is a narrative dramatic feature film that follows Ivy, a young woman with a severe traumatic brain injury that affects her motor and cognitive skills, as she faces her refusal to be identified as a person with an intellectual disability.  When she is placed in an institution for being a danger to herself and others, Ivy will stop at nothing to prove to the world, and to herself, that she is “normal” enough to transcend the label of “Special.”  Desperately fearing being associated with the “Special Love Land Kids,” Ivy fights bitterly to return to Oscar. But Oscar crushes her by leaving her for a mutual friend!  - Read more of the story line here: http://lovelandfilm.com

We were very excited to have taken part in the promo video because this project is incredible and needs our support! So come on folks, give this a look and SHARE!



See the vimeo promo video and watch the makers talk about this film. JOIN THE MOVEMENT!