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A documentary short of my life detailing the experience of an injury that left me paralyzed from the waist down and finding my way to move forward with my life through film making. Special thanks goes to Jon Alpert and DCTV (Downtown Community Television Center NYC) LINK Media Enabled Musketeer Program US-Russia

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DLM Stylized & Photo Story Photography

circa 2012


The idea behind each DLM gallery was simply artistic fun! We enjoy all types of fun wardrobe themes and life style genres. And In these photo sets, we use people with disabilities. Why? Because we are making a statement. Because people with disabilities are relevant in society and have dreams and endeavors of making it through life regardless of their circumstances.

What is a Photo Story? Like film, images tell stories and in some of our shoots we incorporated that element in sequence. Start with the first photo and click to the right.

All photos shot & edited by Andrew Angulo

Makeup by Bobbie Eller

Model: Chelsie Hill

Models: Steph Aiello & Sam de Leve